Scott Chapman on male nursing

Menz Medical nurse, Scott Chapman, loves his job because he meets lots of people and helps them take better care of themselves.

Scott is an Irish-trained nurse who jumped at working at a male-orientated clinic when a job came up in 2019.

“I’d never seen a men’s health clinic before, nothing like that exists in Ireland. I just fell in love with the place … and how specialised they are. We’ve got a great group of guys that come in here … you can have a chat with them … and you know they appreciate what you do,’’ he said.

“The best part is there’s an understanding between us guys. There’s no barriers, no fences between us, whether that’s something personal or sexual health. We have great outcomes. Guys who are maybe a little bit hesitant and you get to see them get a lot better in their management of their health care.”

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