A word from our Chair

At our board meeting on February 23, 2022, Mark Liddle was formally confirmed as the CEO of Pegasus Health (Charitable) Ltd, succeeding Vince Barry.

The appointment follows a process by the Board to appoint a chief executive with the right mix of skills to navigate a strong path forward as we move through the health reforms. Mark has demonstrated strong leadership while Acting CEO and the Board is very pleased that he accepted the permanent role.

Mark’s leadership skills are outstanding and he is the right person to ensure a strong position for Pegasus in the health sector.

Mark has had a positive impact on Pegasus, in both the role as Chief Operating Officer and in the role as Acting Chief Executive. The Board looks forward to working with him as we focus on improving the health of people who live in Canterbury, and making Canterbury the best place to provide and receive primary care.

Peter Townsend
Board Chair, Pegasus Health (Charitable) Ltd

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