Angelin Perambully – Pegasus Health Workforce Development Scholarship Recipient 2022

Angelin Perumbally grew up learning two languages: Malayalam which is native to Kerala, India where she was born, and English. Angelin is now in her fourth and final year studying a Bachelor of Speech and Language
Pathology at the University of Canterbury.

“I’m currently doing an optional research project in my Honours year, looking at stuttering in bilingual children,” says Angelin.

With bilingualism on the rise, the amount of research into therapy and support for bilingual children is alarmingly low. “I had a small stutter as a child, so it is a very interesting area for me to research,” she says.

Angelin has discovered a real passion for supporting adults with speech and language needs, particularly in a hospital setting.

“I had a small placement last year at Southland DHB (now Te Whatu Ora – Southern) in Invercargill and discovered that working with adults is definitely where my strengths are and where I would like to take my career in the future,” says Angelin.

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