Pegasus Health Small Group Education provides education and peer support to general practitioners (GPs), nurse Practitioners (NPs), nurses and community pharmacists. Facilitators within the Clinical Quality and Education (CQE) team contextualise educational content for each of these audiences.

Tanya Tooley leads one of the Small Groups for nurses, bringing an abundance of energy, enthusiasm and humour to her role. Small Group Education came onto her radar when she was still completing her Nursing Entry to Practice Programme (NETP) training. A colleague suggested she apply for a vacant Small Group Leader role because of her demonstrated passion for education.

“I was completely blown away by the resources and the programme. The level of support and the content is amazing,” Tanya said.

“It is important that the community pharmacists, NPs, GPs, and nurses all get the same material. We are all part of the healthcare team and having the same learning is important to retain the teamwork, inclusiveness and respect of that,” she explains.

Being a practice nurse can be an isolating experience. Nurses can find themselves working in a particular way because that is the way their practice has always done things. Small Group Education offers nurses the chance to share their experiences, learn from other nurses and learn best practices and up-to-date advice.

“Small Group Education has given me the confidence and the platform to question why am I doing this and why is it being done this way? With everything that is happening in health at the moment, many of us are just doing what we can to get through. Small Group Education is a safe place to ask if are we actually doing the best for our patients and our communities,” Tanya said.