Research, Audit & Evaluation

Research audit and evaluation are a fundamental part of Pegasus Health’s commitment to effectiveness, innovation and quality in primary care delivery.

We welcome collaborative research projects that will have direct benefit for our patients, community and primary care. We have had a long collaboration with the Christchurch Primary Care Research Group at the University of Otago, Christchurch, as well as collaborations with other local universities. Many of our innovative programs have been based on audit, evaluation and research from this and other collaborations across disciplines and the primary-secondary care interface.

We are committed to research that will provide sound evidence for rational medical and public health practice. We believe it is important that such research should be, and be seen to be, impartial. Our research is free of any funding which may prejudice these goals. We accept no funding for research from pharmaceutical companies or other for-profit organisations either directly or indirectly (as ‘unrestricted educational grants’ or fellowships) that may create a conflict of interest in our research audit and evaluation. Click here to view our Avoiding Commercial Bias Statement.

We receive many requests for research or support, and have a process for engagement with researchers wishing to partner in research, and for those wishing to request data or to obtain letters of support. Please note that these cannot be done at the last minute for grant applications.

Forms and Process

Please complete the appropriate form and send to

After you submit your completed request form(s), you will receive a letter of acknowledgement. Your request will then be considered by the Research Audit and Evaluation committee. Recommendations will then go to the Chief Executive Officer for final sign-off.

Once sign-off has occurred formally you will be notified of the result and any committee recommendations.