General Practice Support

The Practice Support and Coordination team supports primary health care teams. From hands-on support and training to back office programme and register management, the service is designed to be responsive to the needs of general practice teams and to support them in the delivery of care.

Practice Support Liaison Team

Connection to general practice is critical for Pegasus to understand the challenges general practices face and to support them to meet those challenges. The liaison team is the point of contact for GP teams seeking advice, support and assistance with programmes and systems issues. Relationships are key and liaison staff have a portfolio of practices with whom they establish, maintain and build a strong and trusting relationship.

Partnership Community Workers (PCWs)

PCWs act as liaisons between general practice teams and patients. They are a diverse network of people based in community organisations and high schools who work to support patients to access health care. PCWs focus on people who are not currently enrolled in general practice, or who are enrolled but are not visiting their GP team as often as they need. They focus on identifying and managing the barriers that a person/family/whanau may have in accessing health care. These barriers could be financial, language, transport, or social isolation. For more information, click here.

Practice Coordination

Many programmes that are delivered by general practice need to be coordinated to be effective. The Practice Coordination Team is responsible for managing a range of services, from funded programmes through to clinical and technical programmes, for instance: diabetes and asthma/COPD programmes, end of life care, immunisation, methadone, and many more.

Management Services Organisation (MSO)

The Pegasus MSO function is responsible for making payments to general practices and other organisations, compiling and submitting quarterly reports to the Ministry of Health, and other reporting agencies, and distributing reports to practices.

GPs who belong to a PHO receive funding from the Ministry of Health to keep down the cost of patient visits. This is called First Level Service Capitation-Based Funding (CBF), which is a yearly sum, paid monthly, calculated using a population-based formula for every enrolled patient.

Funding is also received and payments made for programmes such as the ones described in Programme Support. General practices registered with Pegasus Health send their claims to the MSO for payment. Pegasus also makes some region-wide payments to organisations who are not Pegasus members. Pegasus is then reimbursed by either the PHO or Canterbury District Health Board.