GP Support Programme

Burnout in the primary care workforce seems to be at an all-time high, both locally and nationally. The GP Support Programme provides bespoke support for you when you need it.

This service is confidential and free for GP members of Pegasus, providing:

  • A safe environment
  • A focus on you and your patients’ well-being, and keeping you both safe
  • A programme individualised to suit your needs
  • Three free counselling / psychology appointments, alongside GP Peer support
  • Self-referral or referral from colleagues.

Our support programme is designed to support you in your role as a GP. It’s a confidential service which you can access either through self-identification or through referral as the result of information received from other health professionals, or patients, or after review of prescribing or other data.

Our Programme is supported by experienced GPs who provide one-on-one pastoral care and is overseen by the GP Support Committee.

Is the GP Support Programme right for me?

* You will need to provide your chosen therapist with a unique code. Please contact if you did not receive an email with a code.

Therapy or counselling sessions

After providing a session, therapists will need to apply online for reimbursement, using the unique code provided by the practitioner. You can apply for reimbursement session by session, or after the three sessions have been provided – just follow the prompts in the online form to choose the number of sessions you’re claiming.

Personal therapy and supervision can also be used as part of meeting MOPS requirements with the RNZCGP. To meet the requirement you will need the therapist to fill in the online MOPS form. You will receive a notification of this, which you must keep for your reference, if the College requires you to supply verification.


Your feedback

If you’ve used the GP Support Programme, let us know how you found it by filling out a short online survey.