Nurse Membership

Become part of a nursing voice for change

Pegasus Health Nurse Membership Ltd (PHNML) offers nurses the opportunity to have a voice and influence within the organisation and the Canterbury health system.

As a Pegasus Health Nurse Member you:

  • can have your say in how nursing is viewed, supported and developed within Pegasus general practices;
  • are eligible to stand as a director on the Pegasus Health Nurse Membership Board;
  • stand alongside your Pegasus GP members to help improve patient care;
  • are able to apply for sponsorship to attend appropriate health conferences;
  • can network with other Pegasus nurses and share your experiences and wisdom.

You can become a Pegasus Health Nurse Member (PHNM) if:

  • you are a nurse who provides nursing services to one or more Pegasus Member Practice(s) for more than 40 weeks per annum, and
  • an employee of a GP member or a Pegasus Member Practice; or
  • a subcontractor (eg, locum) to a GP member or to a Pegasus Member Practice; or
  • An owner or co-owner of a Pegasus Member Practice.

Hear what some of our members have to say

“When presented with the information about becoming a Nurse Member I wasn’t really sure it was for me. I decided to call one of the Nurses on the Board to talk about it and then joined up immediately. For me it is about standing alongside our GP colleagues just like we do in the practice and being able to have a collective voice.” – Rosie Shakespeare

“I decided to become a Nurse Member after reading an article on the effects nursing leadership has on improving patient care. That really resonated with me and I signed up after that. I like the fact that it allows us to sit at the top leadership level which is a benefit to nurses and our patients in the long run.” – Jeanette Hight

“As a PHNML member I was fortunate enough to be sponsored to attend the annual NZ College of Primary Health Care Nurses (NZCPHCN) conference last year. The conference provided me with the opportunity to learn of new projects and network with nursing colleagues from around the country.” – Kate Hibbert

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about nurse membership please do not hesitate to contact:

Nurses who are interested in becoming members should contact our Membership Coordinator  who will send you an application.