Keeping Well

Looking after yourself is important and can make a significant difference to your health. Regular exercise and healthy eating, dealing with stress and engaging with others socially will contribute to your wellbeing, both physical and mental.

What is 'wellbeing'? Feeling good and functioning well. The 'Five Ways to Wellbeing' project in the UK suggests these individual actions:

  1. Connect – with the people around you
  2. Keep learning – try something new
  3. Be active – go for a walk or run
  4. Take notice – be curious and reflect
  5. Give – do something for a friend or stranger.

Some simple health tips:

  • Quit smoking. Get help, there are plenty of people ready to support you. Ask your general practice team about the ABC and PEGS programmes to help you quit.
  • If you take prescribed medication, follow your doctor and pharmacist's directions.
  • If you care for others, take some time out for yourself.

If things get more serious, ring your primary healthcare team for help. Get regular check-ups, before things get out of hand, and if you have a regular health condition such as diabetes or respiratory disease, then keep on top of it by looking after yourself.

What is your action plan? Work with your primary health care team to decide (when you're well) what needs to happen when you're unwell. If you do get unwell, always ring your general practice first. If you ring after hours your call will be answered by a registered nurse.

If you want reliable online information about health and health services, try these websites:

  • HealthInfo – Information and links recommended by Canterbury health professionals
  • Ministry of Health – Quality health information and where to go for help
  • HealthEd – Topics for families and communities
  • Kidshealth – Information about children's health for parents and caregivers
  • Health Navigator – Health topics, medication information and resources.

 If you don't see a general practitioner regularly now, use the Locate a GP tool in the column on the right to find one near you.