Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Health

Canterbury’s population is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of language and ethnicity. Culturally and linguistically diverse is a broad and inclusive umbrella term for communities with diverse language, ethnic background, nationality, dress, traditions, spiritual and religious beliefs and practices.

Pegasus Health acknowledges the strengths of cultural and linguistically diverse communities, and how culture, language, identity and life experiences contribute to our health and wellbeing.

Pegasus Health, along with other PHOs and organisations, works to respond to the diversity of each individual and community in Canterbury, and provide equitable access to health services that respond to CALD communities’ needs.

Some of the services Pegasus Health offers:

  • use of professional interpreter services or bilingual providers
  • cultural competency training for health care providers
  • use of linguistically and culturally appropriate health education materials

In this section:


CALD Health Advisory Group

The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Health Advisory Group is a Canterbury-wide health reference group, consisting of representatives of primary care organisations, clinicians, community members, and the Canterbury District Health Board.

The group advises the Canterbury Health system on ways to be responsive to the needs of CALD communities, and intends to be a link between CALD communities and the Canterbury Health system.

Read more about the CALD Health Advisory Group under About Pegasus Health > Our Governance & Structure > Advisory Boards & Groups.

Pegasus Health CALD Leadership

Pegasus Health has a key role dedicated to providing leadership for CALD health within Pegasus Health.
The CALD Health Manager connects Pegasus Health to CALD communities and partner organisations working with them and provides advice on best practice in working in a culturally responsive way, and enabling equity of health outcomes for CALD.

The CALD Health Manager also supports the CALD Health Advisory Group, a Canterbury-wide health advisory group.

Pegasus Health Workforce Development Scholarships

Pegasus Health contributes to the development of a culturally diverse health workforce, as an essential element of a culturally responsive health system that can provide responsive and equitable services to the diversity of Canterbury people and communities.

Each year, Pegasus Health awards a number of Workforce Development Scholarships to students from Māori, Pacific and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds, working towards medicine, nursing or allied health degrees, with the aim of enhancing the cultural and linguistic richness of the health sector.

Since 2001 when these scholarships were first established, numerous aspiring recipients have been assisted, many of whom have gone on to outstanding careers in primary health care.

Read more about these scholarships and how to apply under Health Professionals > Health Student Scholarships.