Pegasus Small Group Education Programme – South Tyneside, UK

The Pegasus Small Group education programme provides evidence-informed education for primary health professionals. Material is developed by the Pegasus team, who connect with Clinical Leaders and HealthPathways editors in South Tyneside to ensure content is specific to the region. Topics covered are relevant to primary care and focus on improved patient outcomes and making optimal use of health resources.

How it works

Training consists of groups of 12-15 healthcare professionals. Groups meet online or in person 5-6 times per year and sessions are facilitated by a trained Small Group Leader.

South Tyneside Small Group Education

The South Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group are participating in a pilot trial of the Small Group Education programme. The pilot is now in phase 2, upcoming topics are:

The impact of climate change on health is well documented and we are encouraged to consider ways to provide health care in a more sustainable way. This topic will discuss the opportunity to deliver care in a way that also benefits future generations, cover greening your practice, how to begin and where to next; and look at resources to support this journey.

When does testing risk complicating patient care unnecessarily? How do we manage results that sit outside the normal range? How do we use tests in a way that best supports the care of our patients?

Eating disorders are not a choice. They are a serious mental illness, which impact all aspects of a person’s life and presentations are rising. Primary care providers may have limited experience in identifying and managing these patients.

Loss is a part of life and primary care has a key role in recognising and supporting patients through the grieving process, often we feel under resourced or apprehensive about how to do this.

As demands on health services and workforce pressure increases, we consider the role of preventative healthcare and opportunities to use a team approach to benefit our patients.


The sessions are multi-disciplinary and open to all practitioners working in primary health.

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More information

For questions or enquiries contact the Pegasus Clinical Quality and Education Team at

To see an example of a topic check out  Topic 1 – Persistent Pain

Read more about the programme (PDF) or watch the video below to find out more: