Pegasus Small Group Education Programme – South Tyneside, UK

The Pegasus Small Group education programme was established in 1992 for primary care health professionals in Canterbury, New Zealand, to support best practice through independent, evidence-informed, peer-led professional development. A participative, reflective model of learning, training consists of small groups of 12-15 healthcare professionals. Meetings are facilitated by a trained Small Group leader and benefit from expertise across professional disciplines.

The South Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group is participating in a pilot trial of the Small Group education programme. The pilot is running 3 education topics between November 2021 – March 2022, the first topic has already been completed.

Read more about the programme (PDF) or watch the video below to find out more:

Small Group Training sessions will be held on the following afternoons as part of the regular South Tyneside education activity:

  • Thursday 20 January, 2022 – Screening
  • Thursday 17 March, 2022 – Tackling Polypharmacy

The sessions are multi-disciplinary and open to all practitioners working in primary health.

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Small Group Programme Topics:

Topic 1 – Persistent Pain