PHO Services

Pegasus Health (Charitable) Ltd and Partnership Health Canterbury PHO have amalgamated as of 1 March 2013. Pegasus Health has taken on the functions of a primary health organisation, expanding its community resources at every level of the organisation, and incorporating the skills and experience Partnership Health has built over the years. This amalgamation builds on the work being done across the Canterbury health sector to bring parts of the primary care system closer together, with the aim of continuing to provide Cantabrians the most seamless, integrated care possible.

A tightly integrated primary care system is essential to the wider Canterbury health system to successfully face the challenges and opportunities ahead. Our aging population and its growing demands, combined with health workforce changes, combine to create unprecedented need to address health problems early, and before people need hospitalisation and costly and invasive interventions.

The amalgamation has brought together the best of both Pegasus Health and Partnership Health, notably a strong focus on meaningful community engagement, alongside a commitment to providing services that support and promote clinical excellence in primary care.

Pegasus Health is providing Primary Health Organisation (PHO) services for everyone who is enrolled with one of its general practices and primary care organisations. The intention of the PHO is to promote health, reduce the cost of care, and help set the direction for the development of primary health care for our enrolled population.

When a doctor joins a PHO, their patients become an 'enrolled' patient. For more information on how the health system works, click here. Or to download a comprehensive booklet regarding the New Zealand health system available in 15 languages, please click here.

PHO functions include:

  • Delivering vital primary health care services via general practice
  • Reducing the level of preventable illness
  • Improving access to health care
  • Providing extra assistance to those with high health needs.

We manage funding for a variety of services, including:

To deliver these funded services (and more), we work with a large number of organisations throughout the region.


Zero Fees for Under 13s

  • From 1 July, most general practices will offer zero-fee visits for children under 13. To find out more, ask your GP. 
  • You'll no longer need to pay the $5 charge for each item of prescription medicine for under -13s, though other charges may apply. To find out more, check with your pharmacist.
  • Your local DHB will ensure that children under 13 can access zero-fee after-hours care and prescription medicines in your area. After-hours services such as the Pegasus Health 24 Hour Surgery are designed for urgent visits when the child's regular practice is closed and where the child needs to be seen before the practice opens again. Ask your GP or pharmacist where to find these services or click here for details on the 24 Hour Surgery.
  • You can access a Zero Fees for Under 13s resource posterhere