Population Health

As well as delivery of primary health care services, Pegasus Health has a role in ensuring health needs are met across the communities, cultural groups, age groups and geographical areas that it serves.

For instance, different ethnic groups have different health needs. Within Pegasus Health we have Maori, Pacific and Asian health managers who work with these communities and with our services to make sure services are responsive to their unique health needs. One way that we do this is through education of our health professionals in developing ways that they can best work with different communities. We work closely with other providers who offer services for specific population groups.

We also have a focus on groups that have poorer health status or are vulnerable for whatever reason. One of the big problems that people can encounter is navigating what can be a very complex health system. Roles such as the Partnership Community Workers (PCWs) help people link up with general practice services and social services.

Pegasus Health has endorsed a focus on Child and Youth Health for the next three to five years. Key areas of action will include oral health, mental health, access to primary health care services childhood obesity and a healthy start. Examples of initiatives to be undertaken will include, supporting general practices to utilise e-therapy, improving access to parenting programmes, involvement with Healthy Families New Zealand and fostering continuity of care in antenatal and post natal care. Many of the initiatives will be progressed in collaboration with other organisations to ensure that a whole health system approach is taken. Key to this will be working alongside the Canterbury Clinical Network's Child and Youth workstream.

Canterbury is an increasingly diverse community. Here at Pegasus Health we want to to celebrate that diversity and provide services that help all individuals and families flourish.