Primary health services for former refugees recently resettled in Canterbury

A compilation of some of our services and bilingual resources to improve access to primary care for former refugees and migrants.

Public facing info:

Interpreting Services |

  • Right to be told things in a way you understand
  • Arranging an interpreter
  • If you aren’t enrolled with a general practice
  • Differences between trained and untrained interpreters (eg family members)

Interpreter Cards |

This page contains cards that you can use to request an interpreter for your medical appointment.

Free GP care for resettled refugees |

  • Eligibility
  • Accessing free GP visits
  • When you might need to pay for care
  • Support for other health costs
  • Finding GP care
  • If you don’t speak English

(Also in AmharicArabicFarsiNepaliSomali and Tigrinya)

Clinical Pathways





For more information:

Email or visit HealthInfo