Primary Mental Health Services

In any one year around 20 percent of the community will have a mental health problem. Not all will seek help, nor do they probably need to. However, in the event that they do seek help, most people will do so from their general practice team because mental health and physical health are inextricably linked.

Pegasus Health’s mental health team comprises qualified and experienced mental health clinicians and provides services and support to general practices and patients through:

  • Brief Intervention Coordination (BIC) service – up to five consultations for patients with mild-moderate illness, e.g., depression and anxiety, usually done at the practice.
  • General Practice Liaison (GPL) – provides support to patients with moderate to severe illness with consultations, and if necessary, linking people with other psychiatric services. Facilitates the building and strengthening of the capability of primary health services to assess and respond to mental health and/or addiction needs of people through the provision of specialist support, supervision, advice and training to the primary care services.
  • Earthquake Crisis Consultations – these extended GP consultations support patients with particular mental health concerns relating to the Canterbury earthquakes.

The team’s vision is to:

  • Create a responsive, integrated and recovery-focused primary mental health service that facilitates effective outcomes for patients
  • Ensure patients can access the mental health services they need
  • Offer assistance with delivering a consistent approach to screening, assessing and treating people with mental health and/or addiction issues
  • Working collaboratively and in partnership with the primary health care team, the patient, family, whānau and the wider community.