Changing the Patient Experience – Case Study

A Case Study for Integrating Health Services – Travis Medical Centre, November 2015

This case study outlines one Canterbury General Practice Team’s journey towards improving care for their patients and the sustainability of their model of care.

Travis Medical Centre was one of the first groups to be supported by the Integrated Family Health Services (IFHS) Programme. With the support of the IFHS Programme, the practice has been implementing changes to their model of care over the past four years.

The report details that the practice’s enrolled patients are now visiting the Christchurch Hospital Emergency Department 50 per cent less than the Christchurch average because their care is better managed by their primary care team. Patients report having much better access to their general practice and people with complex needs report feeling their care in especially tailored to their needs.

During the four year process, an average of 25% (a range of 9% to 30%) capacity gain across General Practitioners has been realised. This has enabled a 14% increase in patient enrolment without additional resources, allowed for more time to be spent with complex patients (identifying unmet need), and has provided lifestyle options for General Practitioners wishing to reduce their workload. Practice Nurses are feeling more empowered and providing more care to patients, access to unplanned care has improved and patient satisfaction has increased. A shift to more pre-planning of care has enabled patients to take greater responsibility for their outcomes and is reducing both patient and clinician time spent during patient visits.

The below publication and recording outlines the practice’s journey through the IFHS Programme and demonstrates what can be achieved by better integrating health services.