Q&A with Pegasus Health Privacy Advisor, Rebecca Hawkins

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1. How is your health information protected? The Health Information Privacy Code controls how health information is handled. The Code has 13 rules that set out obligations for organisations to only collect the information they need, to be open with people, and to ensure their information is used and protected appropriately. If you know your

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Privacy Week 2021: Making privacy our priority

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New Zealand’s annual Privacy Week, promoted by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to raise privacy awareness, was held from 10 May, with the theme being: “Make privacy a priority.” Of particular importance this year is the acknowledgement that the Privacy Act and Health Information Privacy Code were updated in December 2020. Pegasus has been

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Pae ora: Healthy futures for all New Zealanders

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On 21 April, the Government announced a new health system in response to the Health and Disability Review, which looked at different vehicles to deliver what is needed by our health system. The Review found that the country’s health system is supported by a dedicated workforce, but has become overly complex and fragmented and could

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It’s a privilege to take one for the team

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Frontline health staff are now getting vaccinated against COVID-19 to protect themselves, their whānau and their patients. Mass vaccination centres have been set up in Christchurch by the Canterbury District Health Board, supported by additional primary care designated clinics, which are being established in Christchurch and across rural areas of Canterbury. Pegasus Primary Mental Health

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