Why Work For Us?

Pegasus Health is an organisation that promotes a sense of community. We all work towards creating an environment where people experience a strong sense of belonging, of mutual support and are connected by the vision that we are an international centre of excellence for the development and provision of primary and community based healthcare.

Our mission is that we achieve improved health through high performing teams and innovative community and primary healthcare.

Our organisational values are:

  • Trust and Respect
  • Communication
  • Development of potential
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Teamwork

Our organisational characters are:

  • Population health competent
  • Engaged with and responsive to our communities
  • Evidence informed
  • Clinically led
  • Integrated with the whole system
  • Using data to account for what we do and to drive quality improvement
  • Respected and trusted as partners
  • Independent in our advocacy
  • The support organisation of choice
  • Culturally competent

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