Sleep books & resources

The following is a list of recommended books and resources about sleep. The Location(s) available column shows where these books are available, eg, from your local Christchurch City Library (CCL) and/or from the Mental Health Education and Resource Centre (MHERC).

Books can be reserved online and checked out by visiting CCL or MHERC. If a book is not available, a librarian may be able to suggest another book or place a hold on a book. To borrow or place a hold on a book, you must be a member of the library. MHERC can post books and other resources out to its users, including those living in rural areas, and will include a post-paid bag for returning books. Once read, books need to be returned to the library.

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Title & Author
Location(s) available

Sleep in the 24 hour Society

By Phillipa Gander

Year: 2003

Subject: Sleep science

Informative and readable review of the science of sleep and the disruption of modern society.





The Sleep Book

By Guy Meadows

Year: 2014

Subject: Mindfulness , 5-week plan

The Sleep Book’s revolutionary five­ week plan now means that this will be a thing of the past. Using a blend of mindfulness and new Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) techniques, Dr Guy shares his unique five­week plan to cure your problems whether it’s a few restless nights or a lifetime of insomnia. Most people who have trouble sleeping invest a huge amount of time, effort and money into fixing the problem.








Quiet Your Mind and Get To Sleep: Solutions to Insomnia for those with depression, anxiety or chronic pain

By Colleen Carney

Year: 2009

Subject: Imsomnia

Insomnia usually appears in the presence of at least one other disorder. Particularly common co-occurring conditions include major depression, generalized anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity in children, and chronic pain. Quiet Your Mind and Get to Sleep uses cognitive behavioural therapy to optimise sleep patterns. The program outlined in this book addresses the underlying causes of insomnia and describes techniques used by experienced sleep specialists.