One year anniversary for 24 Hour Surgery

This week (10 May) marks the first anniversary of the 24 Hour Surgery relocation to Pegasus House at 401 Madras Street, Christchurch. The transition has gone seamlessly with the new facility providing an improved working environment for our staff and a much better experience for our patients.

The busiest day in the last year was on Christmas Eve with 411 patients walking through the door, while the busiest hour was between 11am-noon on 2nd July when 44 patients presented. Some other interesting facts from the past 12 months:
◦Seen over 4200 babies (<1yrs old)
◦Seen over 19,600 under 6 year olds
◦Used 7000 dressing packs
◦Given out 1100 pairs of elbow crutches
◦Applied 5.8km of crepe bandages
◦Put on 3,500 slings
◦Glued 2,100 lacerations
◦Looked at 32,100 sore throats
And approximately 2314 cups of tea and coffee have gone cold!