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    We are located at 401 Madras Street, Christchurch Central.

    You can enter our carpark from Madras Street; turn left just before the lights on Bealey Avenue. We have a drop off area at the front entrance for patients who may require this.

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    You can plan your bus trip from the Journey Planner on the Metro website.

    We have wheelchair parking and an accessibility ramp. Wheelchairs are available if you need them. We also have an interpreter service available.

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    In a medical emergency, call 111
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      Call your GP or Healthline to talk to a health professional 24/7 and they will point you in the right direction.

Why work with Pegasus Health

Read stories from our employees, across a range of teams, on why they enjoy their work at Pegasus.

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Emma Peek – Lead Kaimanaaki (Health Navigator), Here Toitū

Joining Pegasus has allowed Emma to thrive in a diverse, inclusive environment, champion community values, make an impact in meaningful ways, and actively participate in cultural activities. 

In November 2022, I joined Pegasus as a Kaimanaaki (Health Navigator) and later moved to lead Kaimanaaki for the Here Toitū service. With a background in youth work and community health, transitioning to Pegasus felt like stepping into a broader yet familiar territory where the values deeply resonated with my own, particularly around diversity and inclusion. 

Being a part of the rainbow community, it was important for me to be in a place where my identity was not just accepted but valued. At Pegasus, I found that respect and more. The diversity in our team mirrors the community we serve. 

As a member of the Rainbow Working Group at Pegasus, we’ve successfully championed the Pride Pledge, a milestone that we proudly celebrate.

In my role, I foster a sense of community and belonging among my team members. I believe in being transparent and accessible, sharing my experiences openly, which in turn, invites others to do the same. This has helped build trust and empathy within our team, enabling us to support each other. 

If you're seeking a workplace that truly embraces diversity and offers countless opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally, Pegasus is the place. Here, you'll find not just a job, but a community and a platform to make a meaningful impact. 

Portrait of Emma at Pegasus Health

Hazel Montgomory - Kaimanaaki (Health Navigator), Here Toitū

(Pictured left)

From her small town roots and gaining an honours in social work, Hazel has seamlessly moved from student placement to a fulltime role at Pegasus, driven by a passion for helping others and supported by a strong, inclusive workplace culture. 

After growing up in Cheviot and earning a Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) from the University of Canterbury, I found my passion in helping others navigate their health and social needs.  

When it came time to apply my learning in the real world, I was fortunate to secure a placement with the Pegasus Tautoko Hauora program through my university's field education system. Here I observed firsthand the strong workplace culture and commitment to equity, a perfect fit for my values. 

In November 2023, I was appointed a Kaimanaaki (Health Navigator) in Pegasus' Here Toitū team. Transitioning from a student on placement to a full-time professional in the same organisation was seamless, largely due to Pegasus’ supportive environment. From day one, I was welcomed with a mihi whakatau, which made me feel truly part of the Pegasus whānau. 

Pegasus continues to support my professional development, providing essential training sessions and the freedom to pursue additional training opportunities. Experienced colleagues and leaders have supported me, and have always been available for guidance and coaching. 

My journey at Pegasus has just begun, and I am excited about the impact we will make together. I am most proud of how I have been able to contribute to our patients' lives, helping them find employment and pursue education.  

Maddison (Maddy) Muirson - People & Culture Coordinator

(Pictured right)

Starting with Pegasus as a new graduate, Maddy has built a thriving career in the People and Culture team at Pegasus, thanks to a supportive team, invaluable learning experiences, and a shared passion for community-focused healthcare. 

In 2022, after completing my degree in Psychology and Human Resource Management, I was excited to begin my career with the role of People and Culture administrator at Pegasus. After two years, I was promoted to People and Culture coordinator. 

As a graduate in my first job in a corporate environment, there was a lot to learn. I’ve found it invaluable having people around me who are motivated to help me grow and also allow the space for trust and responsibility. My understanding of the health system has increased rapidly, and I love working for an organisation that has such a strong purpose of helping our communities, and passionate people to work alongside to deliver on this.  

I’ve always wanted to work in a role focused on helping people. At Pegasus, I get to directly help my colleagues as well as indirectly help the people in my community. Last year I organised and promoted, alongside the 24 Hour Surgery’s clinical nurse leader, Pegasus at a nursing recruitment fair in Auckland, which was an excellent opportunity to build my confidence and recruitment skills.  

Throughout my time at Pegasus, I have gained and developed both soft and technical skills that will be essential as I move forward in my career. I feel lucky to have a supportive team and colleagues across Pegasus who readily share their knowledge with me, include me in initiatives and projects, and help to develop and grow my skillset.  

Portrait of Hazel (left) and Maddy (right) at Pegasus Health

Learn and grow

Jackie Strong - Application Support, ERMS

Starting as a casual events coordinator at Pegasus, Jackie developed into an information technology (IT) specialist and has spent the last five years growing and thriving while working in challenging roles within the Business Information Services Team. 

I’ve always been interested in technology and have taught myself skills in this area, both in and outside of work. My interest grew at Pegasus, as I began dealing with basic IT queries and collaborating with our Infrastructure team to ensure technology for events and presentations worked seamlessly. 

I was nervous to take the plunge to work in IT. When I saw a service desk analyst role advertised, my manager and colleagues encouraged me to apply. I was so excited to get the role. I really got into the work. Through responding to a wide range of queries from internal and external customers and working with teams across Business Information Services (BIS), I was able to learn a lot. 

My service desk role gave me the confidence and base knowledge to work in a different part of BIS, working with interesting and complex software technology. A career in IT felt right for me, so I applied for and was offered a role as application support for the Electronic Records Management System (ERMS) product.

My approach to learning has always been hands-on, preferring to build my skills and knowledge directly on the job. I'm driven by a desire to support my team, grow our knowledge, and support user experience and customer needs.  

The support network here at Pegasus is amazing. There’s a culture of helping each other and we build strong relationships within and across teams. I feel very fortunate to be part of an environment where everyone is eager to help and contribute to each other’s growth. 

Portrait of Jackie at Pegasus Health

Jon (JC) Javier - Nurse Team Leader, Acute Nursing

With the support of Pegasus Health 24 Hour Surgery (24HS), JC transitioned from new immigrant to team leader, enriching his career through diverse responsibilities, continuous learning, and postgraduate studies while delivering compassionate care to the community. 

In December 2014, I began my healthcare career in New Zealand by joining the 24HS. I was deeply grateful for the sponsorship extended by Pegasus, facilitating my work visa and enabling me to pursue residency under the skills shortage category. 

Working at Pegasus has been profoundly enriching. I’ve found my responsibilities to be diverse, reminiscent of an emergency department yet distinct, and not entirely akin to a general practice. Each day presents novel learning prospects, and my interactions with a multitude of nurses from varied cultural and experiential backgrounds are a source of continuous learning. My team’s support, notably it’s leadership, is unwavering, instilling confidence and assurance in addressing any concerns. 

In my seventh year, I was seconded into the nurse team leader role in acute nursing. I embraced the challenge and was privileged to be permanently appointed. This new role has fostered ongoing learning opportunities, enabling me to pursue postgraduate diploma, with aspirations to gain a master's degree in nursing. 

During my tenure at 24HS, I have had the privilege and honour of collaborating with a dedicated and compassionate team to deliver continuous medical care to our community. I deeply appreciate the invaluable experiences and opportunities that have significantly enriched my professional journey. 

Photo of JC at the 24 Hour Surgery

Karl Belcher - Service Manager, Primary Mental Health

As an emerging leader at Pegasus, Karl has served as a clinical team lead, and service manager, contributing to significant community health initiatives and benefiting from a supportive culture that embodies manaakitanga at Pegasus. 

In 2019, I first joined Pegasus as the clinical team lead for the Brief Intervention Talking Therapy team. After three and a half years in that role, I was ready for my next career step, so I expressed an interest and applied for the service manager role in the Primary Mental Health Service, and was fortunate to be appointed. 

As an emerging leader at Pegasus, I’ve been grateful for the career progression opportunities the organisation offers.  

Pegasus being a leader in the health system has meant that I’ve experienced the privilege of working with the community and health system during critical incidents, including the mosque attacks and Port Hills fires. I’ve also been involved in impactful strategic, system-wide work such as rolling out the access and choice mental health funding. 

I really value the inclusive and coaching culture of Pegasus. No matter what their position or level in the organisation, everyone is very receptive and willing to have a korero and explore options and solutions to challenges. Manaakitanga lives and breathes here, and that’s important in healthcare. When there’s a lot on or you’re under pressure, knowing people are looking out for you, and are here to support you, feels good.

Portrait of Karl at Pegasus Health

Pratyusha (Usha) Bhimavarapu – Senior Information Analyst, Health Intelligence

Moving from environmental and retail data to a fulfilling role at Pegasus, Usha’s enjoyed working closely with her team and focusing on using data to support community healthcare and drive impactful changes for general practices and the health system. 

I’ve been with Pegasus for a year now, working as a senior information analyst in the Health Intelligence team. The data I’m working with is new to me, I come from environmental and retail data, and Pegasus blew my mind with the vastness and depth of the data they collect. My previous roles were all about profit. Here the main goal is giving back to the community. I can connect with the story the data is telling me and what a difference I can make with it. 

Pegasus is really focused on supporting general practices. We look at what we can do with the data to support their decision making and their patients. It’s a satisfying feeling when you’re doing the best for your community or general practice. We’re also providing data to Manatū Hauora | Ministry of Health, and Te Whatu Ora | Health New Zealand which enables the whole system to take action. You’re making change every day. 

The culture at Pegasus is great. Coming to work is “me” time away from the busyness of being a mum. We have banter, we have a good laugh. We are building that chemistry in the team. Across all levels of management, they are supportive and show that they really do care. 

Portrait of Pratyusha at Pegasus Health

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