Recognition for WeCare Health Wigram from ScreenSouth

Congratulations WeCare Health Wigram who won a morning tea shout for their nursing staff recently from ScreenSouth Ltd, regional provider of the National Cervical and Breast Screening Programmes.

From January – June 2019 the nursing team at WeCare Health Wigram offered over 200 free cervical smears to priority group women.

  • Women aged 20-69 years who are Maori, Pacific or Asian or
  • Women aged between 30-69 years who have never had a smear or are overdue for a cervical smear for 5 years or over.

“ScreenSouth Ltd want to acknowledge the wonderful work they do and will also be keeping an eye out for other practices that are doing similar.”

WeCare Health Wigram, thank you for your continued support to screen overdue priority group women.

WeCare staff

Top row L > R : Courtney Gurney-Meehan, Stacey Kenyon, Kadie Brines

Bottom row L > R: Sofia Haver, Charlotte Bridgman – Smith (absent: Joanne Jowsey, Nikita Crequer)