It’s the little things that count

eoldie posing with bike

Keen cyclist Elodie de Lapeyre visited the Pegasus 24 Hour Surgery (24HS) recently after bike accident injuries required further treatment. She said it was the thorough treatment of her wounds and kindness of staff that made her visit especially memorable.

Elodie was cycling near her home when a patch of gravel led to a fall, concussion, lacerations to her face, damage to an arm and deep gashes.

At home the next morning Elodie became concerned over her wounds. Her partner took her to 24HS in Madras Street, Christchurch.

She was treated by Dr Brendan Kane and nurse Jaimee Hornblow. A cyclist himself, Dr Kane was able to put Elodie at ease by sharing his experiences and talking her through the evaluation of her wounds.

Jaimee then thoroughly cleaned the gashes and antibiotic gel was applied. Elodie says that in addition to Jaimee’s obvious competence and reassuring bedside manner, it was a simple act of kindness by Jaimee that meant a lot.

“My partner hadn’t eaten for 12 hours, had barely slept and had been sitting with me at Christchurch Hospital and 24HS throughout. Jaimee noticed this and offered him a cup of coffee. I can’t stress enough how much that small act meant for us,” says Elodie.

Elodie is recovering well, in line with Dr Kane’s advice.

Elodie de Lapeyre is back to enjoying her cycling after a visit to the 24 Hour Surgery.

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