Pae ora: Healthy futures for all New Zealanders

Mark Liddle ceo content descriptor

On 21 April, the Government announced a new health system in response to the Health and Disability Review, which looked at different vehicles to deliver what is needed by our health system.

The Review found that the country’s health system is supported by a dedicated workforce, but has become overly complex and fragmented and could provide more equitable and better care.

The first phase of the announced reforms are major structural changes that refocus the Ministry of Health’s role on stewardship, strategy and policy; the formation of Health NZ which will be responsible for the day to day running of our health system (replacing the district health boards) and the formation of the Māori Health Authority, which will bring a strong focus on health outcomes and care for Māori.

The Government’s vision is to build a system which achieves pae ora – healthy futures for all New Zealanders. To achieve pae ora, the system must focus on delivering:

• Equity – tackling the gap in access and outcomes among all New Zealanders especially Māori, Pasifika and mental health consumers.

• Partnership – including co-design in how healthcare is designed and delivered.

• Sustainability – preventing and reducing health need rather than just addressing illness.

• Person and whānau-centred care – empowering everyone to manage their own health and wellbeing.

• Excellence – high quality care, pinnacle leadership, innovation and new technologies.

Pegasus Health Acting CEO Mark Liddle says one of the key elements of this change is a more consistent approach to the services available to communities, addressing the current issue of ‘postcode medicine’. Primary health and community services are also set to be strengthened to better serve communities through the development of locality-based provider networks that will enable health and social care providers to work together towards shared goals.

“Success for the Government looks very much like what the Canterbury health system has been working towards in Canterbury over the last 10 years. This vision strongly aligns with Pegasus’ role and purpose that all people in Canterbury lead healthy lives, and together making Canterbury the best place to receive primary health care.

“We believe that, for most people, their general practice is the place they’ll receive care most of the time. We recognise that general practice cannot do it all but has a lead role in supporting patients’ access to the health and social services they need.

“Our role is to work across the health system so people are in control of their own health and can readily navigate access to the services they need,” says Mark.

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