Q&A with Pegasus Community Liaison Access Manager, Melissa McCreanor

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What is the Partnership Community Worker (PCW) service?

PCWs were established in 2006 and are part of a health navigation service that supports people who are not enrolled with a general practice, or who are enrolled but experiencing barriers that prevent them from having their health needs met.

What sort of help do they provide?

The PCW role is short term and task focused, they work with the missing and the missing out. They help people:

  • navigate the health system
  • link with services, supports and resources by addressing the barriers that prevent access
  • with health literacy, advocacy, walking alongside and connecting
  • increase their independence and empowering them to manage their own health and wellbeing.

Who is able to receive PCW support?

  • people in Canterbury
  • Māori, Pacific, low income, refugee and migrant
  • those with physical and/or mental health issues
  • those who want to enrol with a Pegasus Primary Health Organisation Practice
  • those experiencing barriers to having their health needs met
  • vulnerable people who may be socially isolated and alienated from support networks and have unmet health needs
  • all ages.


If you know people within your community who need support around their health and wellbeing but are unable to access this help for various reasons, then a referral to a PCW may be appropriate. The service is not an emergency or crisis service.

For further information and a PCW contact list and referral form, visit Partnership Community Workers.