Support to migrate to new Practice Management System

Pegasus Health’s IT team is offering a range of services to help general practices migrate to the new indici Practice Management System (PMS). The team can also help with those doing an upgrade from Medtech32 to the company’s new version of the PMS, Medtech Evolution.

Pegasus Business Operations Manager Alistair Hill says they have received feedback from some practices that there is a lot of work involved and some difficult technical aspects in changing systems, so have established paid services for practices who require assistance.

“We want people to know they are not alone during the transition and if they want support, we are here,” says Alistair.

Doctors on Riccarton migrated to indici in May 2020, the second Canterbury practice to do so. Before ‘going live’ Pegasus IT came on board and provided the vital support required to iron out important systems issues.

Practice Manager Marina Chin says systems migration involves a lot of work, time and effort for most team members, including those with limited technical abilities.

“You don’t realise how much your processes are governed by a practice’s PMS until you change software systems,” says Marina.

“Having the Pegasus IT team to assist was helpful in making the changeover less painful. They have checklists to streamline the migration and ‘go live’ process which we didn’t have, so there was a lot more guesswork on our part as to what information was required from us. Also IT developers often use language and concepts which are foreign to us as healthcare workers, so having Pegasus tech support would greatly help with answering many of those ‘techy’ questions.”

Woodham Road Medical Practice Manager Cynthia Cross says while preparing to migrate to indici she discovered a lot of specialised migration-related tasks, so called in the Pegasus IT team.

“There was a lot of quite tricky, complex and time consuming coding and spreadsheet work involved in the process,” says Cythina.

“We found having Pegasus involved, particularly on the day we migrated, was really useful because they understand the system and could translate the tech stuff for us and trouble-shoot. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have wanted to do it without Pegasus’ help.”

Cover image: Practice Manager Marina Chin (left) and Nurse Co-ordinator Lynne Doubleday, who both played a significant role in the indici migration. They work at Doctors on Riccarton.

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