New Brighton COVID-19 Pop-up Testing Clinic

Murray Seaton works in an open plan office so when he woke with a sore throat decided to make an early visit to the Pegasus Health COVID-19 Pop-up Testing Clinic at New Brighton.

“I started to feel unwell so I decided not to go into the office this morning. I decided to come down to the New Brighton (COVID-19 Pop-up Testing) Clinic just to get the test done and to see that I can actually go back to the office.

“This is just around the corner from my house and I knew it was opening today, and knew it was opening at 10 o’clock, so thought I’d pop down first thing and not have to wait, and thankfully I was straight in and out so it was really good.

Image: Murray Seaton drives through the New Bright COVID-19 Pop-up Testing Clinic

Daryll Thomson had cold-like symptoms for a few days and wanted to get a
negative COVID-19 test before heading off on a tramping holiday. So he and wife Barbara jumped on their e-bikes and headed off from their Mt Pleasant home to the Pegasus Health COVID-19 Pop-up Testing Clinic in New Brighton.

“We will be tramping with friends soon and I am immune-compromised so wanted to check that I wasn’t infected and at risk of infecting other people. I am double vaccinated, as is Barbara, but it’s always good to check and this clinic made it very easy to get a test.”

Daryll said they saw the clinic advertised in the newspaper and decided to use the opportunity to both get tested and go on an excursion on their e-bikes.

Watch Murray talk about his experience at the testing clinic.

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Cover image: Daryll and Barbara Thomson ride to get tested