Mental health supports for GPs and clinicians

Simon Wynn Thomas, Senior Clinical Leader, wants all primary care clinicians to make sure they’re looking after themselves, especially as many are struggling to manage burnout and stress.

“It’s about caring for the carers. If someone wants to get good quality care from their health team, they need their primary health team to be in the best shape possible. And one of Pegasus’ roles is to try to make sure that clinical teams are functioning as well as they can to serve the patients that they see.

“The last couple of years, particularly with COVID-19 and the way it’s affected the way we all practice healthcare delivery, and not to mention other stresses in the health system at the moment, quite a lot of our GP
teams are finding things tough at the moment.

“Pegasus has been giving support across various domains:

  • we offer one to one confidential mentoring from a senior
    GP colleague
  • we can work with GPs and look through their notes and
    prescribing data to see if there are any ways we can assist
    them to improve their efficiency or to reflect on their
    practice; and
  • the third thing we do is provide funded confidential
    counselling. GP members are entitled to three
    confidential counselling sessions.”


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