Special Children’s Christmas Party

Pegasus Health is honoured to have sponsored the 2021 Special Children’s Christmas Party. This event saw 1,200 very special Cantabrian children celebrate Christmas in a big way.

The children invited are all living with challenges, whether that’s ill-health, disability, or difficult home situations. For a few hours, they get to mingle with superheroes, farm animals, bikers and, most importantly, Santa.

Organiser, Sam Jorgenson reflects, “It’s such a positive day for an often- overlooked part of the community. A lot of these children who attend would not receive a Christmas present if it wasn’t for the Special Children’s Christmas Party. The highlight for me is seeing the joy on the children’s faces, and the general positivity at the event is really heart-warming. This year, as we all know, it has been very challenging, especially for many of these children who attend as many of them have underlying health conditions.”

Grace and Jack were two kids in attendance this year. Both live with health issues. Jack, who’s legally blind, has attended a number of times in the past. This year, Grace and Jack enjoyed spending time with the farm animals.

“All of the costs for this event are covered for by the generous sponsorship from the Canterbury community. Without the financial backing from the community this event simply wouldn’t happen,” shares Sam.

Each child was sent home with a cuddly donkey and a bag of toys, made possible by the support of Pegasus Health and other sponsors.

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