Safeguarding your mental wellbeing this Christmas

COVID-19 uncertainty and lockdowns have increased stress for many Cantabrians this year. Karl Belcher, Pegasus Health’s Mental Health Clinical Team Leader, gives some tips on safeguarding your mental wellbeing during the silly season.

Karl says he and the mental health team encourage people to take a break and recharge over the holidays. And to take some time to cherish what is important to you.

“With COVID it has been hard to plan and look forward to things, but we can take the opportunity to focus on and enjoy the small things. Connecting with people is also important and hopefully we can all enjoy a little of this during Christmas.”

He says the Mental Health Foundation promotes the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’. Evidence has shown that incorporating these five simple principles into day-to-day life can improve wellbeing. Using the five ways is good thing to do at any time, but especially in situations of extra stress – such as Christmas sometimes brings with extra financial pressure, spending a lot of time with extended family or, for some, loneliness at a family-orientated time of the year.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing are:

  1. Connect – talk and listen
  2. Give – your time, your words, your presence
  3. Take notice – remember the simple things that give you joy
  4. Keep learning – embrace new experiences
  5. Be active – do what you can.

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