Managing COVID-19 in the community

Dr Kim Burgess is the clinical lead for Canterbury’s primary care vaccination programme. She says general practices have played a key role in providing information and reassurance for patients hesitant about vaccination.

“The relationship that people have with their GP staff means they can ask questions and have a honest conversation about their concerns,’’ she says.

“A lot of practices have given patients the opportunity to get vaccinated when they visit about other matters, in addition to the walk-in clinics and longer hours offered, which has made a big difference.”

Kim says, from 2022 primary care will have different demands as COVID-positive patients are managed in the community. A Canterbury COVID
Coordination Hub has been set up to support patients, practices, and other community in this new phase. Pegasus Education was involved in a recent webinar explaining the Hub, its services, how to access it, and who does what in supporting the community.

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