Overcoming vaccine hesitancy

Rosita Wharepapa was sceptical about getting the COVID-19 vaccine but thanks to conversations with general practice staff she decided to protect herself and her family.

Rosita was nervous about getting the vaccine because wider family members had shared vaccine conspiracy theories with her. She had also seen media coverage about protests against the vaccine and mandates to
ensure key occupations were vaccinated. But when she visited her long-time general practice Eastcare Health for a cervical smear, a simple conversation with a familiar nurse reassured her.

“She did my smear and said ‘Rosita, what about this vaccine?’ …She said, ‘your kids are getting their vaccines right from six months upwards, this is not different’. That for me was enough. She booked me in for my first jab and when I went in the very next week she gave me a big hug and said, ‘Welcome to Team New Zealand’.”

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