Young person’s pragmatic approach to getting the HPV vaccine

Twelve-year-old Carys Western received her HPV vaccination at her local GP last year.

“I knew it was important to get jabbed. I didn’t object to getting it at all. The nurse explained it quite thoroughly. She explained what it would prevent, she was very comforting.”

Carys’ mother, Kim Thomas, is a strong advocate for all immunisation, but the HPV vaccine in particular.

“It was essential to me that Carys get vaccinated. We’ve got the opportunity to reduce significantly, the chances of getting cervical cancer so why wouldn’t I do it? The vaccine wasn’t around when I was younger. I have considered getting the vaccine as an adult after having some abnormal smears. But I think it’s way better for people to get it before they’re sexually active.”

“Carys and her sister’s grandma died of cervical cancer in her 40s so we’re pretty lucky that we’ve got a way of preventing that now.”

Carys shares her mother’s viewpoint. “I’m just really happy that they’ve made a vaccination for it. Back when my Nana was young, if she’d had the chance to have that vaccination, maybe it could have been prevented. I’m very happy that if I come into contact with the virus that I am protected.”

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