Mental Health and Wellbeing support for Primary Care teams

Pegasus Senior Clinical Leader and Mt Pleasant GP, Simon Wynn Thomas, has a singular message for clinical teams. “In order to provide quality care to patients, primary health teams need to be in the best shape possible.”

“I think it’s really important for GPs to walk the talk. We advise our patients on simple things to improve wellbeing, like ensuring they get enough sleep, get exercise, don’t skip meals… we need to remember to do those things ourselves because they really can help.”

Simon also recommends using the supports that Pegasus has available for GPs and nurses. “We have a range of professional and mental health support packages for Pegasus members. I recommend that anyone who’s finding things tough at the moment makes sure they’re using the resources available.”

“Our primary care clinicians have been on the front line for over two years now and they’re now facing another surge,” he says. “If you’re struggling to maintain balance and prioritise your wellbeing, there’s no better time than now to do something about that.”


The Nursing Team have funding available for nurses to access counselling or professional supervision as needed. Applications for funding can be made through the Nursing Team.


GPs can access three free, confidential counselling sessions from a range of
counsellors, depending on their preference and need.

gp support programme

The GP Support Programme is available for GPs in need of support. GPs can refer themselves or a colleague to the Senior Clinical Leader who can offer individualised support and mentoring by a range of doctors in a pastoral care role.


We host six-weekly peer group meetings for doctors, nurses and administration staff. These meetings offer an opportunity to collaborate with your peers on the issues you face in your practice.

Further information is available for Pegasus members on Pegasus World.

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