Rural nurse practitioner shares his passion for nursing

With International Nurses Days being celebrated globally last month, we sat down and had a chat to Jason Williams, Nurse Practitioner (NP) at Oxford Health to hear about his passion for nursing.

Growing up in Florida, Jason graduated from Nursing School in 1995 from the University of Florida before moving to New Zealand in 2005 to complete his Master’s Degree at Massey University.

Jason has an extensive background in a variety of intensive care specialties working in hospitals in the US and New Zealand. He is currently working as a Rural Nurse Specialist at Oxford Medical Centre; an opportunity which allows him to be closer to his home and family.

“The best part about this role is the team I work with and getting to serve the community I call home.”

After five years in this role, it was a massive cornerstone to becoming an NP. Becoming an NP was not an initial goal for Jason but after the passing of his wife, who also worked at Oxford Medical, he wanted to finish what she could not.

“At that time there was no formal NPTP programme, so it felt like a ‘sink or swim’ challenge. With great support from the Oxford Medical Centre, I completed my NP application and interview three years ago and have not been happier.”

A highlight of Jason’s career so far is “being able to teach and give back to future potential NP’s. I enjoy sharing what I have learned over my years of nursing and seeing the future of our profession thrive,” says Jason.

International Nurses Day is a “day for all of us to celebrate our profession and appreciate the contributions we have made to patient outcomes. “More importantly, knowing that no matter where you are in the world you can work almost everywhere with your skill set, whether that’s the US, New Zealand, South America or even Antarctica. Our profession allows us to do anything!” says Jason.

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