A.C.T.I.S supports Aranui community’s health

Aranui Community Trust Incorporated Society (A.C.T.I.S) works to develop and support the Aranui community, with its key focus ensuring its community has good access to healthcare services.

An area they have identified to focus on is health and wellbeing. In partnership with Pegasus Health, they can support the Aranui community to sort a plan for their needs.

“A lot of mahi goes into getting them linked into health and wellbeing services, such as getting them enrolled with a General Practice. We want our people to be seen at the top of the cliff not the bottom, when they end up in the Emergency Department,” says Rachel Fonotia, Manager of A.C.T.I.S.

One way to support the community’s health and wellbeing is by having a Pegasus Community Worker (PCW), Chrissie Robertson, based at their Hampshire Street office. Chrissie has a particular focus on supporting mental health by helping the community access the services they need.

“We work hard to ensure people know about and have access to healthcare services that they need. We want to empower people to manage their own health and wellbeing, but often they do not know what is available, or how to get help, that is where we come in,” Chrissie says.

Being enrolled with a general practice is important, especially during winter so people can get the help they need before they become sicker, or to get their whānau protected against infections, such as influenza or whooping cough.

“Any time of the year our people need safe, dry, warm homes. In winter, this becomes even more crucial because without these basics their health, mental health and wellbeing can be badly impacted.”



  • Vaccinations, including COVID-19, influenza and childhood immunisations
  • Health Improvement Practitioners and Health Coaches are based in many GPs to provide free health, mental health and wellbeing support
  • Brief Intervention Talking Therapy (BITT) counselling sessions.


  • Before you leave home, call Healthline on 0800 611 116 for advice on what care you need
  • If you don’t need to come to urgent care, please make an appointment to see your GP.

Pegasus Health Partnership Community Workers (PCWs) are available through the following agencies:

  • He Waka Tapu
  • Te Ora Hau
  • Linwood Avenue Community Corner Trust
  • Christchurch City Mission
  • Tangata Atumotu Trust
  • Christchurch Resettlement Services
  • Christchurch Methodist Mission
  • Presbyterian Support
  • Aranui Community Trust Incorporated Society