Cholmondeley supports tamariki

A growing relationship between Pegasus Health and Cholmondeley Children’s Centre is ensuring tamariki in need get access to vital health and wellbeing support.

Cholmondeley is a charity based in Governor’s Bay that provides short-term, planned and emergency respite for tamariki aged 3-12, as well as support to whānau in the community through its outreach programme.

Cholmondeley General Manager, Toni Tinirau, says she reached out to Pegasus Health after taking on the leadership role at the charity last year.

“I asked for support with the health needs of our tamariki. Since then we are building and growing a relationship of mutual trust,” she says.

Pegasus Health has already provided Cholmondeley with medical supplies such as epi pens , which some tamariki need, particularly in Spring when there is a lot of pollen around Governor’s Bay.

Pegasus Health also liaised with the Cantebury DHB (now Te Whatu Ora – Waitaha Canterbury) to arrange for free toothbrushes and toothpaste for children.

Toni says the two organisations are working together to provide training on diabetes for Cholmondeley staff so they can better assist children in their care with the condition. Pegasus Health general practices also provide ongoing support in the management of medications for some tamariki.

Cholmondeley also has relationships with Pegasus Health’s Partnership Community Workers (PCW) and outreach staff from general practices who arrange for tamariki to stay at Cholmondeley when their parents are unwell or having an operation.

“We are a charity so assistance with medical supplies and expert medical advice for our tamariki is wonderful. The evolving relationship with Pegasus Health has already produced some great results and will continue as both organisations play their part in the collective effort to support whānau in need.”

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