Eating well

Over the past few months, basic foods have jumped in price, making it more of a challenge for families to prepare healthy kai. Our Puāwai-Kai Healthy Lifestyle Service share some ways to help stretch the budget and prepare and share healthy meals.

  • Have a plan. Check the cupboards and fridge and write a list so you do not buy items you do not need
  • Find cheaper places to shop by chatting to friends or colleagues. Ōtautahi has lots of fruit and vegetable shops where these items may be cheaper than at the supermarket
  • Look for plain packaged items such as Pams, Budget and Homebrand. These are not always at eye level on the shelf, so have a good look around
  • Buy vegetables and fruit that are in season. Not only do they taste better, they will also be cheaper. If you are not sure what is in season take a look at the 5+ a day site
  • Have a look in the frozen and canned foods aisles. These might be a cheaper option than fresh. Some vegetables such as fresh corn have a short season but you can enjoy canned or frozen corn all year round. It is a great way to enjoy a wider range of produce in winter
  • Drink water instead of buying sugary drinks. This will save money and improve your health.

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