GP Profile: Kim Lawson, ProMed Doctors

A general practice in Christchurch has seen an increase in transgender patients in their practice, that find providing gender affirming care extremely rewarding.

Kim Lawson, who works as a GP at ProMed Doctors in Christchurch City, says she enjoys seeing people of all ages and stages in their life.

“Every practice is unique, we are beginning to see an increase in patients who are after gender affirming care, which has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience,” she says.

ProMed is seeing patients who are stressed and unwell trying to adapt to the ever-changing rules and restriction from COVID-19. While the last few years has been challenging, Kim says she is proud of her team and their ‘keep going’ approach.

“You can only do what you can do, staff at ProMed have worked extra hours, we often have doctors and nurses away due to illness. It has meant more work for staff, who are also dealing with patients who are often stressed and upset,” says Kim.

Kim established the practice with her business partner, Mark Rogers in 1998, after working predominantly as a paediatrician in Invercargill and Christchurch Hospitals.

“I had reached the stage where I was looking for a change, I’d always intended to go down the general practice route,” she says.

When Kim is not working, she plays hockey, is a regular at her local gym and owns some harness race horses with her husband.

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