To celebrate our 30 Year Anniversary here at Pegasus Health we sat down with Mary Fleming, Receptionist 24 Hour Surgery, our longest-standing employee of 35 years to look at her work journey and the highlights of her career.

What has changed the most over the last 30 years working at Pegasus?

Our processes, technology and our pandemic response come to mind. Our dedication to helping people remains the same.

How much has 24 Hour Surgery grown from when you first started?

I remember starting at our Bealey Ave location in the late 80’s it was an old Villa with Dr Paul McCormick, Jorgensen Schoesboe and the late Ian Robertson. We were a small close-knit team offering 24 hour medical care – the first of its kind in Christchurch.

What is your favourite memory working at Pegasus? 

It is true what they say, it is the people, it is the people, it is the people. I have made lifelong friends working here and I still catch up with those friends that I started with over 30 years ago!

What roles have you done since starting with Pegasus?

Medical Receptionist for 35 years. Wild I know!

What is it about Pegasus that made you stay for 35 years?

In the early years, it was the shift work flexibility that I enjoyed, it was helpful when we were bringing up a young family and I have also enjoyed meeting different people and helping them when they are potentially at their lowest.

Any stories or memories you’d like to share?

I will always remember coming into work when we had major snowfalls and the police would have to pick us up and take us into the surgery!