Halswell Pharmacy has adopted a sustainable approach that aims to minimise the environmental impact of their dispensary.

Pharmacist, Loren Vincent, and owner, Karen Frater, have spearheaded this initiative that sees waste diverted from landfill and wastewater to more environmentally-conscious resting places.

“We have always done some recycling of cardboard and plastics, but we are now recycling soft plastics and aluminium as well. We have also stopped pouring our leftover antibiotics down the sink,” Karen said.

While traditionally, the dispensary had discarded small amounts of leftover antibiotics down the drain, they now collect these in a recycled plastic bottle to be included in the hazardous waste rubbish along with other returned and expired medication. This mitigates wastewater contamination.

As well as collecting used foil blister packaging, the staff also collect the foil seals from bottles for recycling.

“All it takes is someone to drive it and a boss that is willing to make it happen,” Karen said.