Cranford Street Medical becomes Juno Health

Cranford Street Medical Centre has rebranded to Juno Health. Led by general practitioners (GPs) Dr Catherine Smart and Dr Megan Pow, the newly rebranded practice specialises in women’s health and family medicine.

The practice’s new name pays homage to the Roman goddess Juno, who was known for her strength, wisdom, and ability to protect women. With a team of skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals, Juno Health is dedicated to empowering women and improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Pegasus Health Practice Relationship Manager, Lovey Ratima-Rapson, shared a blessing and karakia over the premises in an intimate re-opening ceremony this month. Juno Health is also pleased to announce that Dr Catherine Smart will be running a dedicated Women’s Health Clinic on Tuesdays for both enrolled and non-enrolled/private patients. Further information on the Juno Health team and the services they provide is available at