Media Release: Pegasus Health to Enhance Local Healthcare Access

Pegasus Health is launching an Acute Demand Navigation Service to help patients access the health services they need when they need them.

This is an extension of Pegasus Health’s successful Acute Demand Co-Ordination Service. Beginning on May 29 this service will help ensure people have access to acute care when needed, providing appropriate care options and supporting patients through their healthcare journey.

As the number of acute and semi-acute presentations in the healthcare system increases, the Acute Demand Navigation Service addresses rising demand and streamlines patient care. Patients will be referred to the service when their general practice team reaches capacity, and/ or they are assessed as needing care sooner than they can get an appointment. A range of health professionals can refer into the service including St Johns, Whakarongorau (Healthline) and local general practice partners. A patient is referred into the service after being assessed by a health care professional.

Spearheading the Navigation Service are dedicated Service Navigators, experts in guiding patients through their care options and navigating our local health system. These non-clinical navigators engage patients in discussions about alternative care options, such as virtual consultations or appointments with allied health professionals, ensuring that each patient receives personalised care tailored to their unique needs.

“The Acute Demand Navigation Service is a vital addition to our healthcare system, allowing us to manage acute patient demand effectively while ensuring our community receive care appropriate to their needs,” Acute Demand Service Clinical Director Dr Jasmine MacKay said. “Through this service, we aim to support and streamline the patient journey, increase health literacy in our community, and gain valuable insights to further improve access to care.”

Supporting the launch and success of the Acute Demand Navigation Service is Dr Ben Hudson, a local General Practitioner and clinical advisor to Pegasus Health. Dr Hudson emphasises the benefits of the service for his patients and the wider primary care community. “The Acute Demand Navigation Service will provide my patients with access to the care they need within the appropriate timeframe,” said Dr Hudson. “It will greatly assist in managing the high demand we are experiencing in general practice, ensuring that patients with complex needs or acute illnesses receive timely and appropriate care, while helping to relieve pressure on urgent and emergency care providers.”

The Acute Demand Navigation Service is available for people who are assessed by a health professional and referred into the service. For people wanting information on the various health options available to them they can visit