Pegasus 2025 – Practice Manager unable to resist the call of primary health

Practice Manager, Angela Hendry, has come back ‘home’ to primary care. Since the early 90’s, Angela has worked within the health system starting at the Canterbury District Health Board before moving to a part time reception role at Belfast Medical Centre. Thirty years was not enough time to prepare for what COVID-19 would bring.

“We had minimal time to get organised for the first lockdown. We changed the way we were working, literally overnight, by rolling up our sleeves and getting it done,” Angela said.

“During COVID we had patients who had no family to help them, so there were a couple of patients whom I went above and beyond for just to see the smiles on their faces. One man was having trouble with his phone and didn’t know what do or who to call; ten minutes later I had it sorted for him. He was so grateful,” Angela said.

Like many working in primary health, Angela felt burnt out after the first lockdown so took a step back. By this point in her career, Angela was the Practice Manager at Riccarton Medical and had supported the team there to achieve Cornerstone Accreditation. Looking for a job that kept her in the health system but was less COVID-focused saw Angela take a role in private practice. Less than two years later she was ready to rejoin primary care.

“General Practice does have challenges but also a lot of rewards. Knowing that you are contributing to a large team of medical professionals helping people manage their health and their way in life is a great feeling,” Angela said. “I feel lucky to have been chosen for the Practice Manager role at The Doctors, Christchurch South. I am really looking forward to growing with the practice and continuing on with the great work that has already been done here.”