Clinical Leadership

Pegasus Health is a clinically led organisation and the provision of clinical leadership is a fundamental part of our commitment to being an international centre of excellence for the development and provision of primary and community-based health care.

The clinical leaders have a sound appreciate of important issues for general practice. They make the connection between front line clinical staff and general practice teams delivering the care with the strategic initiatives from Pegasus Health. They understand and support Pegasus-wide activities and initiatives and demonstrate a commitment to general practice and primary care development. Their role is to ensure Pegasus projects and services focus on the provision of sustainable services to members and their patients. They are focussed on bringing members' contributions into programmes and projects and to ensure these are aligned to the Pegasus strategic direction.

Currently Pegasus has clinical leaders supporting the following serivce areas:

  • Rural health
  • Population health
  • Màori health
  • Research, audit and evaluation
  • Palliative care
  • Clinical support services
  • Information management
  • Mental health
  • Clinical and business quality

The clinical leaders have an extended network of links into the community which they can use to bring advice into Pegasus initiatives; they can be contacted to discuss any project that has clinical relevance to their service.