Partnership Community Workers

Partnership Community Workers (PCWs) form a diverse network based in community organisations and high schools. They work in collaboration with general practice teams and their local communities to further develop pathways into primary health services.

PCWs work with people who are low income, Māori, Pacific, refugees and migrants as well as those who have a physical and/or mental health issue(s). They focus on people who are not enrolled in a general practice or who are enrolled but are not visiting their general practice teams as often as they need. They focus on identifying and managing the barriers that a person/family/whānau may have in accessing health care.

PWCs role is short term and task focused. They can:

  • assist people to gain access to health care and social services
  • assist people to navigate the health system
  • support people to attend appointments
  • support people to identify and address needs impacting on their health
  • provide information about supports/resources available in the community and connect people with support services
  • provide cultural support and link with interpreter services.

Download the PCW Service Brochure.

Check out the PCW Success Stories booklet for examples of how they work within our communities.

Referral form

If you are a community provider or GP who has a client, or there are people within your community who are in need of medical help but are unable to access this help for various reasons, please use the Referral Form.

The PCW will liaise with the local general practice team to link people into assistance that may be available to those identified through our community networks and referrals.

Contact details & feedback forms

Click here for PCW-Contact Details and Practice Allocations (PDF)

To provide feedback about the PCW service, please use the following forms: