How We Work in the Canterbury Health System

Pegasus Health works within the Canterbury Health System with a number of health partners. Our philosophy has been, and remains, collaborative, with the aim of improving the health of the people of Canterbury. Our contribution centres on that unique relationship that a general practice team – and the wider primary health care team – has with a person.

The diagram below shows the many and varied services and activities we provide to support the delivery of primary care in Canterbury (click on the diagram for a larger/printable version)

Our commitment to partnership


The ‘partners in health’ bi-line clearly defines our role as ‘partner’ with several groups and organisations in the health care system.

‘Kia atawhai ki te tangata’ which means ‘care for the people’, was provided by a kaumatua from Te Ngāi Tūāhuriri and is particularly important as it shows our focus on working with people and the communities we serve.

Pegasus Professional Partners

What started as a membership organisation for general practitioners has become a powerful agent for collaboration among professions and professionals, right across the sector. GPs recognised early on the need to replicate at a system levels the close relationships they had long had with practice nurses. This led to the development of a nursing education programme in 1998 to sit alongside the GP, the appointment of a Nurse Director in 2001 and the establishment of Pegasus health Nurse Membership in 2012. Pharmacists joined the Pegasus Education Programme in 2010. Pegasus also provides collegiality and access to a network of primary care professionals, with members having the ability to influence policy and the direction of primary health care.

Pegasus Practice Partners

Primary care is made up of an interconnected network of private businesses which are mostly interdependent. Their practice, and business, often share the same core needs. Pegasus soon evolved into a practice support organisation, working in smart ways to get economies of scale across the clinical and business services that nearly all primary care providers need. We have a core IT function that today provides the backbone of IT systems for the Pegasus network of practices across Canterbury. Our immunisation, mental health, nursing, population health and other teams work with practices to support them to deliver the best possible care to their patients.

Pegasus Community Partners

Community organisations, friends, families and individuals are becoming more critical in helping people stay well and making sure everyone has access to general practices and hospital services when they really need them.

Pegasus Health’s aim is to improve the health of everyone in our enrolled communities. A foundation to achieving that is knowing who our communities are and finding out what they need. Once we understand that, we can plan and deliver programmes and services.
We work closely with a range of community organisations to deliver services to assist populations navigate and access primary care. The Pegasus Community Board and various advisory groups provide valuable input into strengthening the links between primary care and the community. Read more about Our Communities (Supporting our communities).

Pegasus Health Partners

Pegasus is proud to be a fully-fledged partner with others across the wider sector in developing innovative ways to meet tomorrow’s health challenges. We partner with a range of local and international organisations to provide innovative solutions to ensure the people of Canterbury get the very best primary care system possible.

The services we deliver are based on a philosophy of shared care with our key partners – Canterbury Clinical Network, Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group, the Canterbury District Health Board and the wider health and social sectors.

Canterbury Clinical Network

The Canterbury Clinical Network (CCN) is a collective alliance of healthcare leaders, professionals and providers from across the Canterbury health system. CCN provides leadership to the transformation of the Canterbury health system in collaboration with system partners and on behalf of the people of Canterbury.

More information can be found on the CCN website.

Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group

The Canterbury Community Pharmacy Group (CCPG) works to ensure that community pharmacy is an integral part of the primary health care team in Canterbury and that community pharmacists are able to deliver an enhanced range of evidenced-based health services to improve patient outcomes. CCPG is engaged at all levels in the planning and development of new health care services for patients and communities in Canterbury.

More information can be found on the CCPG website.

Canterbury District Health Board

Canterbury District Health Board (DHB) is the main planner and funder of health services in Canterbury. Canterbury DHB provides tertiary hospital and specialist services – both for the Canterbury population and also for the populations of other DHBs where more specialised services are unavailable. Canterbury DHB also promotes health and wellbeing in Canterbury.

More information can be found on the Canterbury DHB website.