Long Term Conditions

Talk to your general practice team about the following services.

Community Respiratory Service

People with respiratory disease can get spirometry (a test to measure lung capacity), sleep assessments, education and pulmonary rehabilitation. This is run by approved general practitioners or by mobile respiratory nurses.

Pulmonary rehabilitation courses are held in various locations in the community. The courses include exercise, education and support to help people learn to breathe and function at their highest possible level.

Asthma and other breathing problems

Patients with Asthma and other breathing problems such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), lung cancer, cystic fibrosis and sleep apnoea are provided with information and support from their general practice team.

Pegasus supports the general practice and a Community Respiratory Physician is also available for advice, case review and practice staff education.


Support is available for patients who have diabetes or who are at risk of getting diabetes. Talk to your general practice team about how they can help you manage your diabetes or prevent it.

Diabetes and foot care

Foot care is an important part of managing health for people with diabetes. People at risk of developing foot problems due to their diabetes may get up to four free podiatrist visits a year, depending on their condition.

What if I need help finding health care?

The Tautoko Hauora service can help you:

  • enrol at a Pegasus Health general practice
  • get to your doctor/hospital appointments, if transport is a problem for you
  • visit Work and Income, if you find it difficult to pay for the doctor
  • find other Community Services to support you.

Find out more about Tautoko Hauora and how to contact them