Primary Mental Health Service

We work with your general practice team to support your mental health and well-being. Our team are registered mental health professionals trained in brief talking therapy with a focus on behavioural change.

If this service is right for you, your general practice team can refer you. Once a referral has been made you can expect one of our team to contact you within 48 hours either by text or phone to discuss your referral.

If you find getting to the appointments difficult (due to transport, location or timing) there is an option of having brief intervention by telephone. Information about this can be found here.

Our service offers up to five free sessions which you can access yearly.  As there is a high demand for our service we ask for a commitment to attend appointments. If you are unable to attend we ask that you give us 24 hours notice and if you miss 2 sessions without contact we will close your file.

If you have any questions regarding our service, or you no longer require it you can freephone us on 0800 246 099 or email

As a non-urgent service, there is generally a 3-week wait to be seen. If your situation deteriorates please call your GP and in the event of Mental Health Crisis you can freephone Crisis Resolution on 0800 920 092.

Our mental health clinicians work from different locations in the community, as well as in some general practices. Please carefully check the location of your appointment and if you are unsure of the location, call our triage team on 0800 246 099.

Our locations

Are you wanting some additional support/resources that might help? Check out the following;

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1737 (24-7 Text/Phone Counselling)

MHAPS (Mental Health Advocacy and Peer Support)

The Mental Health Foundation (Information of services and practical advice)

Centre for Clinical Interventions (Self-help Resources)

Just a Thought offers (Free Online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

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Got a smartphone? Consider downloading the Smiling Mind app or search mindfulness apps on the app store.