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Students in Over Summer

Zaria Grant’s poetic reflection

Last Updated: 20 June 2024

Each year, Pegasus Health welcomes a group of five interns through the Students in Over Summer Programme, in an effort to enhance our pool of knowledge and offer fresh perspectives on equitable health in primary health. 

The 2023 intake included nursing and counseling students, who gained hands-on experience across various Pegasus teams. 

Zaria chose to express her journey and insights from her time at Pegasus through poetry. Her poem captures her experiences and the impact of the programme on her understanding of equitable healthcare. We are honored to present her words.  

“When I began my journey as a student here,
Lovey taught us how to be more confident and have no fear.

Something surprising she did teach,
We had to get up and do an impromptu speech.

We learnt to be confident with Pepeha greetings,
And we saw how a big team works together, in meetings.

From all the staff, vast knowledge was sharing,
And I have seen a team who is passionate and caring.

Paul shed light on lives with a disability,
Shared stats and ways, to promote self-ability.

We chatted with Maria about people from the Pacific,
At our school, we never discussed anything that specific.

Esther taught us about support for the rainbow community,
That comes together to promote societal unity.

She told us about the great team from QTOPIA,
And told us some stories about a world far from utopia.

We shared a moment with Tedros, delving into the lives of refugees,
Gaining insights into why they seek solace from overseas.

We learnt the pathways taken to come to our nation,
And the support we offer to provide some salvation.

We went around to the missions to see how they help people strive,
By offering housing support and food so people can thrive.

It was so insightful to go on an adventure,
Down to the mental health education and resources centre.

It was great to learn how Mana Ake can foster our youth,
With mental health support and speaking their truth.

I learned He Waka Tapu is an amazing organisation,
That can help with smears, suicide prevention and smoking cessation.

They can offer so many helpful approaches,
Like support groups, rongoa, and guiding health coaches.

It was great to explore Here Toitu’s vital part, supporting health with a caring heart.
Empowering dreams, a guiding chart, in employment or study offering a brand new start.

While being here some of my favourite presentations,
Was when we joined Sharon for crucial and motivating conversations.

She taught us how to be more effective and respond with care,
And how to ask change-provoking questions and be more aware.

We were up on a Saturday morning to go to affirm,
Assessing the community and helping them learn.

We gave their blood pressure and sugars a check,
And sent them to the 24 hours if there is something concerning, we suspect.

Something else helpful I learnt which is free,
Tautoko Hauora can help connect people with a GP.

I spent a day out seeing patients with the acute demand team,
We checked in, assessed and helped build self-esteem.

The mental health team unveiled their diverse roles,
Dedicated to uplifting mental well-being as their cherished goals.

I have seen the Whanau Ora team look after the community,
And I spent time with the nurses and learned more about immunity.

Thank you Di Bos for showing me primary care,
It has ignited my passion, my spark and my flare.

In nursing’s journey, equity is the guide,
A moral imperative, not to set aside.

Race, status, factors social and bold,
Quality care is the aim, and outcomes to uphold.

A spotlight on disparities, nowhere to hide,
We ensure access for all, side by side.

If we all stand strong, and in fairness we invest,
We’ll have a system more inclusive, at its very best.

We had always talked about equity throughout our degree,
But actions speak louder than words you see.

I’ll advocate for justice, let fairness flow,
I’ll challenge biases and let empathy grow.

I’ll tailor care uniquely, let understanding show,
In this inclusive practice, I’ll let compassion glow.

Equity in healthcare is crucial and fair,
Ensures all receive what they need, with compassion and care.

Nursing, education and care has always been my passion,
I hope to change the world and do in good fashion.

I aim to be a leader, develop and grow,
And in the future, my hard work will show.

Throughout Pegasus the Manaakitanga is strong,
It is something I have witnessed all along.

The values inclusive/strive/connection and integrity,
Are something that deeply resonates with me.

I have a similar purpose that helps me to strive,
That all people living in Canterbury lead healthy lives.

I apologise if I have missed anyone in my speech,
And I would like to thank you for what you did teach.

The only feedback I could think to suggest,
In our free time, more worksheets, modules or activities to digest.

It would be awesome to have a list of supports and services,
So we can provide extra help for patients when we become nurses.

Overall, we learned how Pegasus works as an organisation,
To help change outcomes for the tangata whaiora of our nation.

You work in partnership with services to promote equitable results,
To better the lives of our children and adults.

I have learned so much here at Pegasus Health,
And added it all to my educational basket of wealth.

We have shared lots of kai and experiences and smiles,
I know being here will help take us miles.

Thank you again to all of the staff,
For aiding our careers on this wonderful path.

I will never forget this student internship over the summer,
It went over so fast it’s kind of a bummer.

I’d like to acknowledge my friends who I have seen thrive and grow,
You’ve all done so well, and I’ll miss you when you go.

No reira, Tēnā koutou, Tēnā koutou, Tēnā koutou katoa,
Thank you everyone at Pegasus for opening this door.”